Sunday 16 February 2014

Beaver Floatplane at Auckland Today 16-2-2014

A visit to the Dark Cloud/White Light exhibition at Silo Park on Auckland's waterfront today (that's a very cool exhibition - 24 hour time-lapse photography of beautiful remote spots around New Zealand), put me right alongside where Auckland Seaplanes Beaver was moored. So a few photos were in order....

ZK-AMA was quite nicely positioned for a photo between the wharf poles.

The superyacht mast area was open to stroll along so you could get photos from front on...

And of the starboard side.

Until a wider shot to show the quite exotic surroundings, including Eurocopter N130LL cocooned and tied down on the rear deck of the moored superyacht Lady Christina.

Actually, I thought that on such a stunning day, ZK-AMA would have been out flying passengers.

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  1. It was out and about last Tuesday and landed round the back end of Waiheke b4 taking off again a few minutes later and heading back to Auckland.