Friday 21 February 2014

Hudson and Grasshopper

Acting on a tip from Lord Nelson I visited Riwaka and found these two interesting items.
One caravan said to be built from a Lockheed Hudson fuselage.
I asked a couple of locals about it but they knew nothing.
Do you know its history ?
The mortal remains of what I believe to be the Colin Winton Grasshopper ZK-JOP (c/n 11).
Its registration was cancelled on 27-05-2005.
Thanks to Lord Nelson for the location tip off.


  1. What is it about Riwaka that odd aeroplane relics accumulate there? Glyn Powells Mosquito was also salvaged from Riwaka!

  2. It is something that is in the air.
    I'm thinking of maybe moving there.
    As you say - It is where old aeroplane relics accumulate.