Wednesday 12 February 2014

Two Motueka locals.

Two locals from Motueka were captured doing their thing yesterday (11-02-2014).
 Titan T51 Mustang ZK-WUH (c/n 0059) is away on a joy ride.
It has now clocked up just on 200 hours.
WUH got a mention previously on :-
Below : just could not help myself to get a Porter shot.
 Above we see ZK-XIT on short finals - with some foreground to give an idea of the approach angle.
Below during the round out.


  1. Muh . . . or WUH?

    Doesn't look much like a Chippy to me.

  2. Drat - My dyslexia showing.
    Just got the letter downside up !
    Good spotting - worthy of a chocolate fish - collectable at NZHS March 7th.