Friday 14 February 2014

Early Colour Photos of Druine Turbulents of New Zealand (3)

Continuing with colour photos of our early Turbulents from the Don Noble Collection.

I originally posted on these Turbulents at  I have gone back and added these photos to my original post.

ZK-CAG at Ardmore, 5/12/65.

ZK-CAH at Palmerston North (Kairanga, where Aerocraft built their Turbulents), 24/10/65.

ZK-CAH at Masterton, 4/1/75.

ZK-CAI at Omaka, 5/1/69.

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  1. Sir Minty, the Aerocraft strip and hangar in Kairanga used by the late Sid Jensen, is now owned and operated by Hal Griffin of Griffin Agair. Don