Saturday 16 June 2012


Lord Nelson has raided his olde shoe box again and come up with these two helicopters.
We go back to mid winter 1982, down Te Anau way this time, to see two of the N J and W R J Thompson helicopters. As you can see - these were the days when helicopters carried a single identification letter on a coloured background - as well as their normal civil letters. This single letter was meant to make them more easily identified as they went about their business.
Above we have the Hughes 269C ZK-HOF (c/n 1190851). This was listed to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore on 14-01-1980 and then registered to N J and W R J Thompson of Tuatapere on 22-02-1980. It was going about its own business on 26-02-1983 when it snagged its own net and crashed into Lake Alabaster. It recovered and is still current with the same owners of Te Anau.
Two pics of ZK-HOF. Above at Te Anau on 17-04-1993; and below at Te Anau on 15-12-2003.
Below we have the Hughes 369D ZK-HOP (c/n 600738). This was also a Dalhoff and King import, being listed to them on 02-09-1980. It was demonstrated to the RNZAF before being registered to N J and W R J Thompson of Pukemaori, Tuatapere on 20-11-1980. It was damaged at Big River on 22-08-1986 before ultimately being lost in a crash on 01-11-1990 at Lake Widgeon, Longburn Valley, and was cancelled on 13-05-1992.


  1. The single letter was to identify people 'doing their business' also known as poaching....

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