Friday 1 June 2012

Rangiora visitors today 01-06-2012.

Three drops ins at Rangiora today were captured by Allan Bowman.
Above is the Gardan GY-20 Minicab ZK-EDX (c/n AACA/224). This popped up on the register to V D Turner of Dargaville on 13-02-1979. Several owners later it moved down to Hokitika for Thomas Williams from 11-12-2011. It was over to pick up some parts from Steve at Aircraft Logistics Support.
Above is the Pacific Aerospace Cresco 08-750 ZK-LTS (c/n 005) of Wanganui Aero Work (2004) Ltd. About to trundle off after getting a load of fuel.
Above we have the Robinson R44 Raven 11 ZK-IJT (c/n 10188) which now carries the Amuri Helicopter Ltd's marks.
It was initially registered back on 05-11-2003 as ZK-IMP for Over The Top Ltd of Queenstown.
I  noted that it was for sale at Wanaka during the Easter air show. (see photo below).
Ownership changed to Amuri Helicopters on 11-05-2012 and the registration letters were changed on 17-05-2012.

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