Thursday 11 November 2021

CMM does Blenheim

Our roving reporter CMM is on the move again - hitting Blenheim over several days recently
The Hawker Siddeley Argosy Srs 222 ZK-SAE (aka Whistling Wheelbarrow and named 'Merchant Enterprise') served with SAFE Air Ltd out of Blenheim/Woodbourne from mid-1974 until being withdrawn from use on 20-09-1990.
It is still parked at the cafe between Woodbourne and Renwick.

Over at Omaka the Vans RV-7A ZK-REX5 c/n 73120 of Rex Newman was out in the sunshine.

And the Vans RV-6 ZK-ESM2 c/n 23105 of Robbie Morrison was doing similar.

Over the tie downs was the Piper PA-28R-200B Cherokee Arrow II ZK-DJA c/n 28R-7435114 as listed with Gallett Properties Ltd of Nelson.


  1. Question for CMM: Is the cafe at the Argosy - that's how I prefer to think of it! - operating?