Wednesday 24 November 2021

Auckland (International?) Today 24-11-2021

It has been nearly six months since I last visited Auckland International Airport and what a shell of its former self it was today.  There was only a couple of domestic movements while I was there while a lot of Air New Zealand planes were parked up.

In spite of the paucity of action, I was delighted to be on the spot when the latest Barrier Air Grand Caravan taxied in.  ZK-SDE (c/n 208B2003) is ex ZK-MCS3 and is the fourth Grand Caravan in the Barrier Air fleet.  It was registered ZK-SDE on 17/9/21 and it has now been repainted in the Barrier Air fleet colours (but with more dark blue on the bottom of the fuselage).

GCH Jet Aviation's Bombardier CL-600 ZK-JCJ2 was awaiting passengers.

The rather forlorn sight of Air New Zealand planes parked up.

Down at the Air Chathams base their DC 3 ZK-AWP was parked ready to fly another day, while the Air Chathams Convair fleet sits retired in the background.

And Dassault Falcon 7X N110BE was parked (but not parked up as there is a photo of it on Jet Photos at Boston on 11/11/21.  And so on to Ardmore....

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