Sunday 21 November 2021

Hillberg EH1-01 Rotor Mouse N10TE

Something a bit different on Trade Me's aircraft for sale in NZ site is the one and only Hillman EH1-1 Rotor Mouse N10TE designed to look like a mini HueyCobra.

Currently located in Kerikeri this was designed and built in the early 1990's by Don Hillberg of Hillberg Helicopters, Fountain Valley, California.    First flying in April 1993 it is powered by a 145hp Garrett AiResearch 36-55 turbine,  and was shipped to NZ some 10 years ago.

Hillberg also designed a 2 seat version, EH1-02 Tandem Mouse, but this was not built,  and also offered turbine conversions of the Rotorway Exec helicopter.


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