Monday 31 October 2016

NEW Glastar Photo

In my previous post on Stoddard Hamilton Glastars of New Zealand ( ), I noted that Geoffrey New of the UK had emigrated to New Zealand and bought his Glastar G-BYEK with him.  It was registered to him at Tauranga as ZK-NEW4 on 17/5/04, but I had never seen a photo of it as such.  In my post I asked if anyone knew if it had flown in New Zealand as ZK-NEW4.

Dave Bates has now kindly sent in a photo of it with its New Zealand registration applied, taken at Tauranga on 25/6/04, so I think it is likely that it flew here as ZK-NEW4.  It was cancelled from the New Zealand Civil register after only four months, on 5/9/04, and reverted back to G-BYEK.

  ZK-NEW4 at Tauranga on 25/6/04.

I have gone back to my original post and added the photo of ZK-NEW4, and also the recently registered Glastar ZK-CDP2.

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