Saturday 8 October 2016

Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300s of New Zealand (3)

This group of Alpi 300s were first registered between 2005 and 2007, and all apart from ZK-CUZ2 have Rotax engines..

ZK-LPT (c/n 88) was first registered to Robert B Trotter of Fairlie on 4/2/05.  It is photo'd above very early on in its life, at a flyin at Te Kowhai on 12/3/05 (where many Alpis were in attendance).

On 10/11/08 it was re-registered as ZK-MIH2 and on 24/11/08 ownership transferred to Murray I Hagen of Te Anau, with whom it is still current.  The above photo was taken at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.  It can be seen to be wearing the later Alpi colours.

ZK-RFT (c/n 142) was registered to Ross Marfell of Geraldine on 4/7/05.  The registration letters stand for:  Reach For The (Sky).  Ross had previously owned Alpi 200 ZK-LPM.  It is photo'd above at its base at Rangiora on 27/3/06, from where it is very active.

ZK-WLD (c/n 165) was registered to Warren E Newland of Auckland on 29/11/05 but the aircraft is now based at Whangarei.  It is photo'd above at the 2008 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga, on 6/2/08.

ZK-TRB2 (c/n 200) was registered on 24/5/07 to Robert B Trotter of Fairlie and along with all our Alpi 300s, it is still current.  It is also photo'd above at the 2008 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

ZK-CUZ2 (c/n 117) was registered to Christopher J Hagen of Renwick on 2/8/07.  It can be seen from the above photo that it was painted by the owner (after having arrived from the factory in all white).  The photo is also taken at the 2008 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

ZK-MWL (c/n 211) was registered to Michael A Leafe of Ashburton on 16/10/07.  It also wears a different colour scheme which I understand was to reflect the Air New Zealand colours of the time.  As with the above three Alpi 300s, it was photo'd at the 2008 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.

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