Wednesday 2 September 2015


Continuing on from Question time # 180.
I have found the misplaced photographs of the RNZAF Beaver
 Above and below we see NZ6001 on the training course at Mount Cook in 1957.
Main wheels with retractable skis.
And another view on the Tasman Glacier 1957.
 Below we see NZ6001 at Depot 480 during the 1957-58 season. I believe a John Claydon photo.
Note the ski only set up and the partially hidden windsock.
Note also the "Trans Antarctic Expedition" signage on the cowling and the "DH" patch on the fin.
Also no silver fern in the roundel.

 Above we see it as NZ6010 at Wigram.
Silver fern now in the roundel. The "DH" patch has gone from fin and cowling now carries "RNZAF Antarctic Flight"
 Above NZ6010 being unloaded at the ice edge - for the last time.
 And two shots of some maintenance being carried out on the ice out from Scott Base.

 Oops !

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