Friday 18 September 2015

Recent Feilding shots.

Allan Wooller has sent in the following pic taken at Feilding recently.
 Auster J1 Autocrat ZK-AGY2 has not featured on this blog previously.
As c/n 1991 it was registered in the UK as G-AGYJ on 16-05-1946 and after five listed owners it moved down to Australia and became VH-BGB2 on 08-04-1952 followed by a change to VH-KEV on 26-06-1954 and then to VH-WMM in 1957.
On 08-09-2000 it was registered to John Kelly of Kalgoorlie with whom it was rebuilt with the Cirrus Minor engine being replaced by a Gipsy Major which turns it into a J1N model - first flying as such on 14-12-2003 at Jandacot. John moved to Ballina NSW in about May of 2007.
Now I assume that John moved it to NZ - its Australian registration was cancelled on 17-02-2012 and it became ZK-AGY2 to Ritchie De Montallk of Palmerston North on 27-04-2012.
 The B B Aviation's Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKN c/n 18-4754 was out and about.
Craig Grant's Jabiru J160 U/L ZK-CCG3  (c/n 156) joined our register on 02-02-2009.
 The Bolkow Bo208C Junior ZK-EDH (c/n 649) was noted for sale with Dennis Thompson International back in March this year. Ownership changed to Keith Newton of Dunedin on 24-08-2015. Keith previously had a leg in the Bo208 ZK-CJL between 1987 and 1994.
 Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-NPH (c/n A1520919) was originally ZK-EFT with the Dalhoff and King Flying School from 1980 until moving to Izard Pastoral and becoming ZK-PCI on 04-02-1994 and then joined the New Plymouth Aero Club who re-registered it into their ZK-NP* registration block as ZK-NPH on 16-10-1995.
It is currently listed with Roc On Aviation Ltd of Wellington.
Skyfox CA25N Gazelle VH-PNB (CA25N014) came to NZ and was listed as ZK-PNB on 17-08-2001 to the Middle Districts Sports Flying Club Inc.
It moved across to the Feilding Flying Club Inc at Feilding on 11-08-2014.
The Mark Dean Monnett Sonerai II LS ZK-SND (c/n 12/202-0565) is Jabiru 2200 powered and first flew on 04-11-2006.
Above we see the Maule M-9-235C c/n 36001C which is still blatting around on its Australian VH-VRF registration.

All pics from Allan Wooller.


  1. If you read this Allan, what was the date that VH-VRF was sighted at Feilding? Many thanks in advance.

  2. Feilding is always a great place to visit. Especially in the weekends as there is always something a little different flying.

  3. VRF Fielding Sunday 14th .

  4. Thanks very much for that Allan...much appreciated