Wednesday, 30 September 2015

ZK-IGA returns

 The McDonnell Douglas 500N NOTAR ZK-IGA (c/n LN078) entered the NZ register thanks to Heli Maintenance at Christchurch International Airport on 16-12-2014 registered to CVI Aviation Ltd. It had been imported from Canada.
 The pic above was snapped at Heli Maintenance back on 21-01-2015 prior to it being exported to Oz.
Above we see it back marked as VH-IIQ in the Heli Maintenance hangar on 15-09-2015 awaiting transfer back to the NZ register again.
It was re-registered back to ZK-IGA on 29-09-2015 to Glacier Country Helicopters Ltd  and will join their AS 350BA ZK-HFH and the Kawasaki Hughes 369HS ZK-HBS at Franz Josef.
It is seen above today outside the Heli Maintenance facility.
It is nice to see a bit of colour has added to it.

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