Saturday 22 May 2010

Sport Aircraft at North Shore Today

It was such a lovely day at North Shore Airfield today that lots of aircraft were out flying (and in the case of one, being polished in a hangar). Here are a selection of the sport aircraft:

Pitts S 2S ZK-WIZ is owned by Special Syndicate 8 of Whangaparoa. It was first registered in New Zealand on 28/6/89.

ATEC Zephyr ZK-ZFR is owned by Hyflyte Aviation Ltd. It was first registered on 27/1/05.

PA 18A-150 Super Cub looks pristine in a classic J3 Cub colour scheme. It is owned by the BKH Syndicate of Whangaparoa and was first registered in January 1956.

And finally the colourfully named TRI-Tech KIS TR-4 ZK-TEL was outside its hangar. It is owned by Scientific Management Associates (Pty) Vic Ltd who also own TRI-Tech KIS TR-1 ZK-KIS, which was out flying. ZK-KIS was first registered on 17/2/99.

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