Saturday 29 May 2010

Miles Hawk Trainers

To me, the Hawk Trainers seem to have been designed during F G Miles ugly phase.

ZK-AYW I think at Waharoa

A pity that ZK-ALO was not the one chosen to be rebuilt at MoTAT as this had a far more significant NZ history. It arrived prewar and served with the Otago aero club as ZK-AEY before wartime service as NZ586.
Postwar it returned to Otago as ZK-ALO and then moved to Waipawa before arriving at Matamata in 1952.

ZK-ALO at what looks to be Mangere

L8353 is currently in a high-up dark corner of the display area at MoTAT, and is impossible to view or photograph in that location. Pity.

1 comment:

  1. Yes your right there flyernzl about not preserving ALO.

    But I must disagree about the beauty of the pre war Miles line up. Absolutely more fascinating than the DH line. I would much prefer to spend a fine Sunday afternoon at Woodley rather than a Moth eaten day at Stag Lane.