Thursday 6 May 2010

Question time # 96

Three of a kind parked together.
This photo was taken with a long lens away back, when men were men, and shows three of a kind parked close together.
All I would like to know is - What kind,
And because it is "so easy" - which airfield are we parked on ?


  1. Three Austers outside the old NAS hangar at taieri, near Dunedin.

  2. Mornin roger.

    The place is correct. Taieri.

    Alas - the type is incorrect.

  3. Absolutely erroneous there QW.

  4. And I suspect that it was ZK-AWE. Failed its CofA at Timaru in 1970 due to suspected glue delamination and after lying derelict at the airport was eventually burnt.