Thursday 20 May 2010


Gulfstream G-IV SP ZK-KFB, c/n 1362, was cancelled from the New Zealand civil register on 19-05-2010.
This airframe was of 1999 vintage and carried the previous US registrations of N32GA with Gulfstream Aerospace and N888LK with Deerport Aviation.
It was acquired by Air National Corporate Ltd of Auckland in a joint venture arrangement with Peter Jackson and flew into Auckland fron Sydney on 05-07-2003 to become ZK-KFB on the 15th.
It departed Auckland for Papeete and LA for the last time on 30-04-2010 and appears to be pencilled in to become N662GA.
A google search will find a multitude of excellent photographs of this aircraft.
The above pic was taken at windy (& wet) Wellington on 29-03-2004.
Thanks to for the heads up on this move.
For a brief run down on the various Gulfstream models : have a look at Bob Hollands site at


  1. Any word on a replacement?

  2. The GIVSP is to be replaced by a G550 currently registered N960GA but has been noted at Long Beach, CA, marked as ZK-KFB. Delivery must be soon however it appears the jet maybe based out of Melbourne/Essendon as the management of the aircraft has changed from Air National to an Australian company.

  3. Reportedly the rego was after his wife and two children. Kate, Fran and Billy. Not sure if this was true but it fits.

    Cheers Barry

  4. Tks for the update there Mike.

    & Tks Barry. That sound reasonable. I oft wondered why KFB.

  5. Heres a pic of the new KFB

  6. Kate and Billy are the kids, Fran is his partner. I guess FKB was taken and any other combination didn't really fit the bill so KFB it became!