Saturday 1 May 2010

When is a fact - a fact ?

Lurking in the corner of the Timaru Aviation Heritage Museum are the remains of this First Strike Bobcat ZK-EJB. Built by John Lowther and registered on 22-09-1989 to W J Rae to take the place of his Mirage ZK-ESQ. All of the references that I have seen for EJB has its c/n listed as 627-03-A.
Its first flight was on 14-04-1990, and it carries the name "Top Cat" and the pilots name James Rae.

It was relisted to Jim Young of Wanaka in March of 1993 and to Andrew James Bowmar of Tapanui on 26-06-1997.

It was damaged at Cookston on 01-06-1998 and ultimately cancelled on 25-08-1998.

A close look at the firewall shows its stamped c/n as 627-02-A.

Added Sunday 2nd May.
I was thinking that there must be at least three airframes involved here, and with a little digging around I find that the c/n 627-01-A was allocated to the First Strike Bobcat ZK-FHA on 04-07-1989 and listed with D E Ewart-Jones of Ashburton. This was withdrawn from use and cancelled on 10-06-1992. So I have no problem with this one. (Alas I have no photo of FHA.)
If ZK-EJB was registered with the c/n 627-03-A, then there should be a 627-02-A.
Sure enough - The Light Miniature Aircraft LM-1 ZK-FWB is listed with the 627-02-A/MAANZ/442 construction number. This was another John Lowther built aircraft and was first registered to him on 19-02-1990. I have a note saying that this aircraft had an engine failure on 04-01-1992 and landed IN Caroline Bay at Timaru (presumably getting wet). Interestingly ownership went to Walter James Rae on 20-03-1992. Some seven owners later this aircraft is in the Feilding area with Paul Svendsen.
Can anybody up that way check out the data plate (maybe stamped on the firewall) on this aircraft please ?
ZK-FHA was registered with the c/n 627-01A.
ZK-FWB was registered with the c/n 627-02-A/MAANZ/442.
ZK-EJB was registered with the c/n 627-03-A but is stamped as 627-02A.

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