Monday 17 May 2010

Timaru Saturday.

On Saturday I gained entry to the Aviation Heritage museum at Timaru again. This time I managed to get a slightly better shot of the "exported" DHC-1 Chipmunk ZK-CHP2 ,c/n C1-0099. This was registered to Tony & Sarah Green on 18-01-2005 and was cancelled as exported on 08-05-2009.
The Elliotts of Newbury (EoN) Olympia glider ZK-GLY c/n EoN/0/063, has been moved to a brighter corner. This was also registered on 18-01-2005 and was cancelled as revoked on 23-04-2009.
The DH Tiger Moth ZK-TGR is also still on site.

Also noted (not at the Museum) was the fuselage of the long deceased Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six ZK-CUV c/n 32-673. this was damaged at Haururu Falls on 19-12-1989 and was cancelled on 07-02-94. As can be seen, it has been exposed to the elements for many a year


  1. what a waste,speaking of cherokee sixes as recorded on nz reg cherokee ddf wasnt cancelled as crashed in 94,she was owned by cev ltd np19.7.04-20.10.06 upon inspection she had corrosion in the tail section they replaced it with the tail of eks this was the machine that caught fire bk in 98 cockpit cabin and nose wheel area being consumed by fire so eks is acutally ddf

  2. Evening Anon.
    That all makes good sense now.
    I wondered how EKS recovered from that fire.
    I hadn't tied up the C E V ownership of both aircraft at the time of the cancellation of DDF and the re-registration of EKS.
    I guess because the c/n plate of the Cherokee is just below the leading edge of the tailplane then that had to be the identity of the "rebuild".

    Many thanks for that.