Saturday 27 September 2014

Whatever happened to ?

We all know that the Boeing 737 ZK-NGK is slowly disappearing at Christchurch  -
 But what about the ANZ Sport and Social Club hangar and its contents ?
The upper pic was taken on 16-09-2014 and shows the Club hangar alongside the Boeing.
The shot below was taken yesterday looking across the Club hangar concrete slab towards the Boeing !
Where have the Club and its aircraft (Cessna A152 ZK-FSL, Reims/Cessna 172P ZK-EXE, and the Cessna 172RG ZK-NAC2) moved to ?
I know that the Taylorcraft 20 ZK-BQM is now tied down on the NZCH western grass but what about the other aircraft hangared there ?

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  1. Cleared to make way for the new Air NZ Eng Training School! FSL/EXE currently at Rangiora with NAC at Forest Field. There is talk of BQM moving to Ashburton awaiting a new owner