Thursday 18 September 2014

Question time # 173 resolved. Or Boeing going.

We have a winner for QT # 173.
Anonymous has correctly identified Boeing 737 ZK-NGK.
The history of this aircraft is covered nicely by MRC at :-
and several other posts on the MRC site.
Below is a selection of pics of this aircraft.
 ZK-NGK on push back at Dunedin on 09-10-2007.
 At Christchurch from the old observation area on 28-06-2010.
 Withdrawn from service and seen engineless at Christchurch on 11-04-2013.
 On 03-09-2013 it is minus all signage. That is the nose of ZK-JNO2 in the background.
 On 10-04-2014 - this long shot above - shows it minus its tailplane.
The three views below were taken on Tuesday.
 So now you know where the wings are !
Below is the QT # 173 photo.


  1. Poor old 'Spark plug'. I spent many a year looking after her....

  2. Champion old chap.
    Always a shame to see a familiar olde flying machine reduced to nothing more than scrap.