Friday 5 September 2014

Aztec ZK-WDP

Back in April the Piper PA-23-250 T3-64Z (c/n 27-8054025) arrived in country.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interesting Arrival - Aztec T3-64Z

The country registration prefix of T3 is not a particularly common one to be seen outside its local area and only a handful of aircraft have ever worn it.  The T3 prefix belongs to the small island group of Kiribati located in the central Pacific Ocean.

Therefore the arrival of Piper PA23-250F Aztec T3-64Z at Kerikeri early on the afternoon of 13 April from Norfolk Island was interesting.  the Aztec had flown the previous afternoon from Nadi to Norfolk Island.  This particular airframe is C/N 27-8054025 ex N2364Z and as such it was delivered to Tarawa on 08 April 2010 from Santa Barbara via Hilo and Honolulu.

T3-64Z is one of only four aircraft believed to be current on the register, the remaining aircraft are Casa 212 T3-ATC and -ATJ and Harbin Y-12 T3-ATI.
Can anyone shed any light as to where the Aztec flew onto from Kerikeri?
At Tarawa December 2012. 
And as a side note, but perhaps associated with the arrival of T3-64Z, we recorded the departure from Kerikeri for Norfolk Island on 09 April of Piper PA23-250 Aztec ZK-PIW of Sunair, Tauranga with the aircraft continuing onto Nadi the next day.
 The next mention of this airframe is below -
Piper Aztec T3-64Z revisited
The arrival of Tarawa based Piper PA23-250F T3-64Z in NZ in recent days stirred up some interesting questions and information to hand confirms that Sunair have sent their Piper PA23-250 ZK-PIW to the Pacific for operations in lieu of T3-64Z which is now at Tauranga for an extended maintenance visit with the seasoned Aztec operator. 

T3-64Z is operated by Coral Sun Airways however sadly does not display any titles.
And from this blog site

Thursday, 18 April 2013 

Piper Aztec T3-64Z

The Piper PA23-250 Aztec T3-64Z (c/n 27-8054025). It is a 1979 model, built as N2364Z and it appears to have been certified to Air Pacific LLC of Wyoming in December of 2009. Its US registration was cancelled on 03-06-2010 and it has been registered in the Pacific Island of Kiribati since about that time with the out of sequence registration of T3-64Z - retaining the last three from its US markings. Normally the Kiribati allocations use the T3-AT* block.
It ferried from Nadi to Norfolk Island on 12-04-2013 and then to Kerikeri and Tauranga on the 13th.
I understand that it is there for refurbishment/rebuild.
Many thanks to Darryn Bennett for the photograph.
 I now have two photographs sent in by Hairy Mole Rat taken yesterday (04-09-2014) below that show T3-64Z before and the lower shows it as ZK-WDP outside the Sunair hangar at Tauranga .

Above ZK-WDP.


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