Tuesday 30 September 2014

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-CCT

This airframe was c/n 102 and began life with the Fletcher Aviation Corporation as a dual control utility aircraft and was registered in the US as N6507C - First flying in June of 1955.
It arrived in NZ and was registered as ZK-CCT on 09-10-1962 to Air Part (NZ) Ltd, obtained its C0fA in February of 1963 and first flew on 06-02-1963 for James Aviation Ltd.
 At Hamilton from the Allan Wooller collection.
It was uprated to the 260hp engine on 08-12-1965 and then to the 300hp version on 10-04-1970.
On 11-08-1970 it was damaged at Tahora and then in August of 1973 it was converted to single control and also to a FU24-950M
 At Palmerston North August 1973 from Allan Wooller.
It was damaged at Ormandville on 23-10-1981 and was transferred to Associated Farmers Aerial Work Ltd at Martinborough from 21-08-1984.
Sold abroad - it ferried from Auckland to Norfolk Island on 09-09-1988 with its NZ registration being cancelled on14-09-1988.
Middlebrook Air Services registered it as VH-HVO on 26-08-1988.
I believe Cropair operated it in the early 90's - until it was returned to NZ for Super Air Ltd and took up its old registration again as ZK-CCT on 21-01-1992.
Its was converted to turbine Walter M601D power and first few in this mode on 12-10-1999.
 Left and right sides at Thames on 15-03-2009.

 Two views taken at Whangamata in Easter 2009 by John H unknown sources sent via Jim K.
 It was withdrawn from use in 2010 and stored outside at Hamilton and finally cancelled on 15-07-2014.

 The photo above of a very weary looking ZK-CCT was taken by Magnaman at Hamilton just a few days ago.
Registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014.


  1. The two unknown ones I took at Whangamata Easter 2009 Cheers JohnH

  2. Thanks John H. Nice action pics.
    I have altered the text.
    Hope you don't mind me using them.

  3. Na not a problem,better to be shown than hidden in the draws at home.Cheers JohnH

  4. A few of the others mentioned in the blog were also at Hamilton recently mostly without tails. Have photos if interested.