Monday 29 September 2014

Requeim for Fletcher ZK-BXS.

 C/n 77
This airframe had a manufacturing date of 01-03-1956 and was initially pencilled in to become ZK-BOZ but by the time it was assembled by TEAL in 1960 it was allocated ZK-BXS.
First registered to Air Parts (NZ) Ltd on 04-07-1960, gaining its CofA on 14-08-1960 and first flying on 25-08-1960.
Its first operator was Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd from 09-09-1960 who gave it the fleet number "9". It is seen below at an early unknown date at Hamilton. Photograph from the Allan Wooller collection.

 It was converted to a 260hp engine from May 1963, was transferred to James Aviation Ltd on 01-02-1968 and then converted to a 300hp model in November that year.
Above - as seen at Palmerston North on 22-09-1973.
On 21-05-1974 it was slightly damaged on Rainbow Mountain.

In June 1974 it was seen at Paraparaumu by Allan Wooller.
 On 30-07-1976 it was listed as a FU24-950M and on 31-01-1983 it was withdrawn from use and stored until going on line with Associated Farmers Aerial Work Ltd of Martinborough from 21-02-1985.  
At an unknown date and place.
 And a pic from the CMM collection.
On 18-08-1987 it was listed to Central Northern Group of Hamilton and then it departed NZ for Norfolk Island on 01-04-1989.
It became VH-JIY with Burdekin Aerial Service at Ayr Queensland on 08-06-1989 and then to Minuzzo Investments Pty Ltd for ops by Liddles Air Services of Ingham, Queensland.
The Ozzie registration was cancelled on 28-10-1992 for it to re-appear in NZ as ZK-BXS again on 29-10-1992 with Super Air Ltd at Hamilton for onward delivery to Bargh and Gardner of Martinborough from 01-12-1992.
Air Services(1979) Ltd took it on from 19-06-2003 and then it joined Super Air Ltd of Hamilton on 01-11-2006.
As captured at Masterton on 08-02-2007
It went off the end of the strip and overturned at Hukerenui on 10-11-2008 and was withdrawn and was finally cancelled on 15-07-2014.


  1. I stand to be corrected, but I don't think she was ever on line with Associated Farmers. AFAIK she was always in a dismantled state at Martinborough.

  2. The Picture of BXS parked on the pickets wiht the shed and fuel pump on the other side is at Taieri Air field Mosgiel Ray Young flew her then and I was his driver for 3 years +.