Monday 22 September 2014

Blast from the past.

This tired olde faded photograph shows the Auster B.8 Agricola ZK-BXO (c/n AIRP-680) about to land on the Murphy's Road strip on the Paremata - Haywards -Hutt Valley Road sometime in the 60's.
Check out the earlier post and the link within :-
This Agricola is still current in the UK with Cliff Baker as G-CBOA and at the end of 2013 had 4682 airframe hours.


  1. Nice to see the Agricola photo .I know the strip and often stopped there to get photo.s .Re ZK BMM never got a shot of it .But it.s likely someone will have .

  2. Good pics of ZK-BMM are as scarce as rocking horse poo. But check out:-

    I am sure some more will surface in due passage of time.

  3. I have photos of the aircraft when i saw G-CBOA at Spanhoe Airstrip in Northants England