Monday 1 September 2014

Golden Eagle ZK-KBF

Cessna 421B Golden Eagle c/n 421B-0943 was allocated the US registration of N5393J whilst on the production line but instead became VH-ADG on 29-10-1975 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (West Australian Section) at Jandakot, West Australia.
At the end of its Flying Doctor days it was sold to Rex Aviation Pty Ltd at Bankstown on 13-10-1986.
It was ferried from Australia via Norfolk Island into Auckland on 19-12-1986 and then flew down to Hamilton for heavy maintenance before being registered as ZK-KBF on 28-04-1987 for Monarch Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Dunedin. The registration letters being the initials of Karen and Bruce Fulton.
Below is a photograph of her at Christchurch on 01-06-1987 wearing "Lasercorp" on the nose.
A few months later ownership moved to Christchurch Corporate Charters (ie Bruce Fulton) on 27-10-1987; and then to PDL Industries Ltd  /  Lasercorp  / A Bunn of Christchurch from 07-03-1990.
It is seen below at Christchurch on 21-04-1994 with "Corporate One" on its nose. 
A few months later on 11-10-1994 it changed hands to Garden City Helicopters Ltd.
Pic below at Christchurch on 23-04-1995. It now wears "Garden City Helicopters" on its nose; "Air Ambulance" on wing tip and upper fuselage; and "Christchurch Air Rescue Trust" on its rear fuselage side.
Below it is at Timaru with AVTEK receiving attention on 16-12-1999.
Now with "ACC" forward of the door.
Below : As seen at Christchurch on 09-04-2001.
Below : NZ Flying Doctor Service now on fuselage side and NZFDS badge on forward fuse.
At Christchurch on 29-05-2001.
Below : By 18-08-2003 we have a completely new colour scheme.
Between March and October of 2004 it was away getting spar modifications carried out and it flew again on 28-10-2004.
It does not appear to have changed much since. Above it is near is hangar at Christchurch on 09-12-2010; and below refuelling at the Canterbury Aero Club pumps on 25-11-2011.
Final view below is at Timaru again with the Cessna 404 ZK-NDY behind.
It has been in a hangar on the western side of Christchurch airport for some while - having been advertised fore sale. I believe it has been sold to an Australian who has cannibalised it for parts.
So ends the working life of another old faithful flying machine.

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