Thursday 18 September 2014

Question time # 173 re-visited.

Well then - We have not had a great flood of replies to the first photo clue.
Question time # 173.

I dug this shot out of the archives and could not resist offering it to you chocolate fish eaters.
Tell me what Manufacturer and Model you would expect to find these things on.
In case of a large influx of correct replies:-
Can you offer the NZ civil registration for this aircraft.
Where are its wings ?

Question time # 173
Comes from the same photograph.

Looks like I will be scoffing the chocolate fish myself late Sunday night.


  1. Boeing 737 ZK-NGK?

  2. Drat - And I was so looking forward to chomping into that fish.

    Boeing 737 ZK-NGK it is /was.

    Want to flick me your snail mail address and I will flick said fish your way.