Friday 5 September 2014

A full house.

On my Friday Wizz around today I found a great collection of helicopters at Christchurch International.
Nothing terribly new but -
Fairchild Hiller FH1100 ZK-HCI (c/n 74) snuck in from out West.
MD NOTAR ZK-HFJ (c/n LN027) as been parked at Heli Maintenance for some days now. There is another NOTAR having its NZ certification done in their hangar - with another import due next week. That's the Mil 34 NAF 557 (ZK-Pending) to the right.
Above and below :- Three R44s outside ZK-HLN ZK-HLM, ZK-IWR and ZK-IFD (with three more inside).

A few metres away at HeliPro Robinson R44 ZK-IAA (c/n 1103) was heading away in the rain.
Followed very closely by MBB BO105 ZK-IAI (c/n S841) as "HeliPro 20". 
Just across the road Pacific Aircraft also had a house full of helicopters.
Anchored down beside the Canterbury Aero Club hangar was this Cessna 172N ZK-JHC (c/n 17269276) as listed to K R Rentals of Longburn.
This is a 1977 model which was damaged by jet blast at Phoenix, Arizona on 06-04-1995.
It went to Aircraft Salvage and Rebuild at Omak, Washington but its rebuild was completed in NZ and it was registered as ZK-JHC on 19-08-1996 to K R Rentals of Palmerston North.
It has spent time with the Manawatu District Aero Club and with Tom Dick out West of Christchurch.
(Note to CMM:- not being IFR rated I did not do the NZRT pie run today).


  1. That would be HLM not N

  2. Ah - So you found my deliberate mistake then - well done !
    It is good to know you are trying to keep me honest.

  3. Na, we need more cream buns for smoko, :->

  4. And then your MAUW would be too much for you to fly home in your thingi !

  5. I'll drive................