Wednesday 2 March 2016

An empty looking Taihape.

The approach to Taihape airfield showed absolutely nothing of aeronautical interest.
However the hangar revealed a great mix.
 Main feature was the PAC Cresco 08-600 (marked as a Cresco 750) ZK-LTZ (c/n 026) of Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd.  
Built for Wanganui Aero Work Ltd and first registered on 25-01-2000 with a first flight on 14-02-2000. It carried the name "Whanganui III" and the pilots name "Richard Harding". 
Following Company changes it was re-listed with Wanganui Aero Work (2004) Ltd on 18-04-2004 and then to Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd on 04-09-2012. 
 Another Ravensdown Aerowork machine was the MD 500N NOTAR ZK-HZG (c/n LN045). 
This NOTAR came to NZ and became ZK-HMD2 with Flightline Aviation Ltd on September of 1993 as a demonstrator before heading over to OZ to become VH-NTR in April of 1994. 
Wanganui Aerowork (2004) Ltd imported it back to NZ and listed it as ZK-HZG4 from 12-05-2008. 
With the Company changes it was listed to Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd from 04-09-2012.
 To the side was the Hughes 269C ZK-HME (c/n 59-0793) of D Anderson (2009) Ltd. This was a Dalhoff and King import back in 1979 initially for Mount Linton Station. It has also served with (among others) Wanganui Aero Work in 1987 and Rick Lucas/Helipro from 2003 until August of 2010 - when it joined Dave Anderson at Taihape.
 A coulorful Micro Bantam B22J ZK-RLA (c/n 01-0192) of Robert Payne was residing in a back corner. Originally listed to Ross Weir out of Hamilton in September of 2001 it moved way down to Bill Hopcroft at Balfour in June of 2004. It Joined Robert at Taihape in November of 2006.
And the Cessna A185F ZK-JKL2 (c/n 18504340) of J K and L M Holdings was alongside the Cresco. This is a 1981 model which came in from the US in August 2006.

A great haul - as I had not seen four these aircraft previously.

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