Tuesday 1 March 2016

Taupos Floatplanes (again).

I managed to catch both of them on Sunday evening the 28th of February as they headed over to their overnight moorings.
Below is the Cessna U206G ZK-EFI (c/n U20603525) which came to NZ new to be registered here to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd on 24-12-1976.
It went to Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd in early 1977 and then to the Mt Cook Group Ltd. 
Next in line was Waterwings Airways (Te Anau) Ltd from February 1983. Most of this time as a floatplane.
By late December of 1992 it was with De Bretts Aviation Ltd at Taupo and then to Volcanic Air Safaris Ltd of Rotorua. 
As of 04-07-2007 it has been on the books of Taupos Floatplane Ltd.
We mentioned ZK-FPO a few days ago at :-

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