Tuesday 8 March 2016

ZK-WRV has flown.

Jason Wakelin took his Vans RV7 ZK-WRV ( c/n 73910) on its first flight last week.
Pic from Jason Wakelin.
Nice one Jason and Chellie.

Below is an extract from the NZ Aviation New Magazine.
A new Vans RV7 ZK-WRV, our twenty first, was listed with Jason Wakelin of Lincoln in mid-January. WRV = Wakelin RV was a quick build kit which took just over four years to complete. 
With a sliding canopy and powered with an IO-360 engine with electronic ignition to a constant speed propeller. 
It has a single Dynon 10 inch Skyview screen to give PFD/MAP/ENG or any combination. 
An Ipod is mounted on the right hand panel for Nav display or back up instruments. 
Jason is a first officer with Cathay Pacific based in Auckland and will base the aircraft at Ashburton where he was previously a member of the DBI Syndicate in the Falconer F.12 ZK-DBI.

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