Monday 21 March 2016

A Bonanza of a day

Captured at Rangiora on 20-02-2016 were several of the Beech Bonanza family.
Receiving a little attention was the Beech F33A Bonanza ZK-EDS (c/n CE-956) from the local Bonza Partnership.
From nearby Fernside Fields came the Beech 35-C33A Debonair ZK-MEC (c/n CE-167) which has been with Morrow Engineering Co Ltd since being imported in late 1986.
ZK-RNT (c/n E-1019) is a Beech A36 Bonanza and has been registered to Russell N Taylor (hence the registration) since August of 1983.
Below is the Beech V35B Bonanza ('V' as in V tail) ZK-EDJ (c/n D-9224) which is listed with Keith Neylon of Invercargill but is now Rangiora based.
Meanwhile (below) at Christchurch International the Beech A36 Bonanza ZK-DPT2 (c/n E759) has been parked up for a few days.
This has been with Enfield Contracting Services Ltd of Mount Maunganui since April of 2007 having initially been with the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) from April of 2003.
By my count this equals more than half the Bonanza family population in NZ.

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  1. Hopefully they are all destined for the get together at Queenstown!