Sunday 13 March 2016

North Shore Yesterday 12-3-2016

North Shore airfield was its usual busy self yesterday morning, with a couple of aircraft that haven't been posted on the blog previously.

Tecnam P 96 Golf ZK-JGH2 (c/n 213) is owned by JG Hodge, now of Auckland and has been around by 29/7/02.

Piper PA 28R-210T Arrow III ZK-REC (c/n 28R-7803237) is owned by TGF Aviation Ltd of Auckland and was first registered in New Zealand on 18/12/01.

A much more recent import is Cirrus SR 22 ZK-LDY (c/n 0895) which was imported from Australia and first registered here on 7/7/15.  It is now owned by BJ Bourdot of Auckland.

 On the pickets and visiting from Tauranga was Yak 52 ZK-YAC2 (c/n 822108).

While Photo Survey Ltd's (of North Shore but Ardmore based) Cessna 310Q ZK-DEM2 (c/n 310Q0765) arrived and quickly took off again.  This has been in NZ since 23/2/06.

Then David Wilkinson and Lady Minty returned in David's immaculate Vans RV 8 ZK-WLK.

With the Aero Club movements and the occasional helicopter it was quite a busy hour or so.

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