Tuesday 19 August 2008

Tomahawks ZK-EYF

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk , c/n 38-79A0402 was (as you can see from the c/n) a 1979 production aircraft and appeared on the US aircraft register in April of that year as N2360F.
It came to NZ in December of 1982 for John Shivas (one of several aircraft he imported about this time) and became ZK-EZI on 27-08-1984. It was listed to the Wellington Flight Centre on 25-09-84 and first flew on the 27th.
Pic below of it at Wellington on 29-11-85
It was rebranded to the Wellington Flying Centre on 23-11-89.
Pic below showing altered scheme at Wellington on 03-10-89
By 11-10-1995 it had moved a few metres north to the Wellington Aero Club
Pic below at Wellington Aero Club 23-03-2000.
Canterbury Aero Club acquired it officially from 09-06-2006
Pic below at Christchurch on 05-07-06. (Club script on cowling).
On 05-03-2008 it veered off the strip in a strong crosswind at Kaikoura and went into the lupins. It was rebuilt, its registration cancelled on 09-06-08, and it was re-registered in the CAC Tomahawk ZK-EY# block as ZK-EYF/2.
I finally caught it outside today at Christchurch getting some fresh air. BelowNow - Not trying to confuse the issue - Below is a shot of the original Tomahawk ZK-EYF/1 , c/n 38-79A0094. It was cancelled on 16-10-2007 following damage at West Melton on 05-02-04. Some remains were still visible in the CAC workshop in January this year.
Can you tell the difference ?
I can - because I record details on the back of all my prints.


  1. The Aero Club crest above the Tomahawk written on the tailplane.

    Cheers Barry Hudson

  2. I hadn't really meant it as a question requiring a response. But you are correct. Also EYF/1 has a mud guard on nose wheel.

    What I was infering was that we should record details etc at the time and not rely on memory.

    What I used to do was to record the rgn, the c/n, the date and place and negative number and often the operators name on a sticky label on the back of the print. Ive reduced that to just the date and place these days (especially on.JPGs). If I need more details I can refer back to my field notes for that day or civil register notes.