Sunday 31 August 2008

Question time #18

Nice easy one this week.
What aircraft type do we have here then ?
And what's with the long rod ?


  1. Is it a Burt Rutan design? A LongEZE / VariEZE?

    Also, is the stick to indicate when the aircraft reaches a CoG limit?



  2. No Rodney. The Great Burt was not involved in this product.
    And you can stick the C of G idea as well.
    No chockie fish for you.

  3. I've had an off blog answer from Keith.
    Firstly Varieze ZK-ZAP.
    Then Puffer Cozy ZK-COZ.
    & no idea what the rod is.

    Well. The Chocolate fish is still mine.

  4. Im guessin it is a Homebuild and it is new zealand based??

  5. Gyroflug SC01 Speed-Canard

  6. Not a homebuilt.
    Registered and based in NZ.
    Not a Gyroflug thingi.

  7. Is the long rod used to measure geological or magnetic disturbances, such as in geological surveys for oil companies?

  8. Its a Quickie Q2 ya freaks...

  9. Is it a prototype, or production? I think that the rod is perhaps a red herring and that it's just there as a tool to aid in rigging or something, that we are looking from behind and the tail has been removed. That what we see inside the hull is a fuel tank. The cables being control cables for the tail surfaces. It really look slike fixed gear, but then we have this other main gear just above what looks like a spat and doesn't apppear connected to another aircraft. I don't think it's a bi-wing. The prop tip belongs to what looks like a beaver or similar large single radial in behind there. That spat might infact could possibly be a float or hydrofoil, in which case I'd be inclined to say something like a Shearwater Amphib prototype, but I havn't actually seen any real life pictures of such or know if it exists in the flesh, but the dangling antenna makes me think perhaps not.

  10. I take everything I said back. I think it IS a bi-wing and not amphib, specifically, I think it's an Eagle 150. Don't know about the rod, I'll stick with it being an aid to rigging the tail.

    Quite possibly this specific aircraft although the stripe colour may not quite match:

    I'll concede my fish though, wouldn't have guessed without seeing this one on trademe.

  11. Eagle 150B excellent performance figures contact DTI if you are interested in purchasing one :)