Tuesday 2 September 2008

Wigram roundup

A stroll around the Wigram active aviation hangars today found the following aircraft.
ZK-SDG Cessna U206F. Skydive Tandem.
ZK-NPE Cessna 152. NZ Flying School.
ZK-CUY Piper PA-28-140. NZFS.
ZK-BTM Piper PA-18. NZFS.
ZK-DNO Cessna A150L. NZFS.
ZK-PAP GA7 Cougar. NZFS.
ZK-DHV Cessna 172M. Rutherford Assoc.
ZK-DJA Piper PA-28R. Gallett Properties (Nelson address).
ZK-CXF Cessna 150H. Pickering, Campbell & Gray Synd.
ZK-JHF Piper PA-38. Adrian Campbell (Timaru).

ZK-KVB Cessna 172N. Seachris Trust.

ZK-HYQ Hughes 269C. Harry Devonish.

ZK-CZZ Cessna A150L. Theo Newfield.

ZK-SEA Aero Gare Sea Hawk. Martin O'Neill.

ZK-CFX Turbulent. Dave Provan.


ZK-YKV Yak 55m. 55M Ltd.

ZK-TDS Maule MX-7-180B. Canterbury Taildraggers.

ZK-TIM Europa. Tim Ward.

ZK-GBG Slingsby T42B Eagle 3 glider. Harry Richards (not airworthy).

ZK-TOP Thorp T18CW. I & G Clements.

ZK-CAT Grumman 164A. Red Cat Biplanes. With young gentleman polishing to earn some coin to re-invest in flight training.

ZK-NOW Piper PA-32-325 Brick Securities (Auckland address).

ZK-TWM Piper PA-28R-201T. Transworld Motors.

ZK-ITZ Robinson R44 11. Brent Volmer.

ZK-CUH Piper PA-28-140. Bramford Investment.

ZK-FCW Cessna 172H. Sky Signz.

ZK-CNQ Piper PA-28-140. AYO Syndicate.

ZK-DVP Cessna 172M. DVP Holdings (Wings off and cabin stripped)

Plus one PA-28 in circuit.


  1. If one wanted to take some photos for thier own rememberance sake, what's the access landside to airside at Wigram? Through the old control tower I assume? Any security tag or such required or just bowl on through and watch the props? Only ever been there during various events.

  2. Hello James.
    Ask and you shall receive !
    Always ask.
    At NZWG the best ones to ask if you want the full stroll is to climb upstairs in the Tower to the NZ Flying School.
    I have never been refused - but often challenged in the last few months by others out on the field as to what I am about. This tightning up has followed recent theft of headphones from the DC-3.
    So. Best get permission from one of the admin offices first, even if its from Pioneer or NZ Skydive.(and try to remember the person name you spoke with. Also I greet anybody out on the field and tell then what I'm about - Its good PR and also a good way to pick up rumours - like yesterday I gleaned that the Red CAT may be off to VH land soon (so I took more pics than I normally would have of it).

    On occasion I have actually been escorted out by one of the students. Humour them.

    The Canty Aero Club are having a fly in one weekend pretty soon (Their anniversary I think) of as many of their fleet as possible. Talk of getting more than 30 of their fleet over.

    Remember; It will only take one person to stuff it up for all the rest.

  3. Fair comments there Blue Bus. I remember going there and found it pretty cool to walk to the Convair and DC3 to see close up. Its a shame that wigram is closing. A lot of history will be lost.

  4. Thanks Blue, thought that might be the case. The days of open airfields are fast approaching an end sad to say.