Wednesday 10 September 2008

Question time #19 WINNER...

Helio there Anonymous Barry. You have scored again.
The Trevor Collins Helio H-250 Courier II ZK-TCE c/n 2503 as spied at Omaka 31-03-07.
Don't worry about the tire pressure - that was only needed if I got a flood of correct answers.


  1. Of course!! The helio courier. I thought it might have been a microlight or something because of the that flap thingie accross the front of the wing

  2. Helio Courier MK II to be exact and it was built in early 1965 as being no. # 2503. A bit underpowered for a Helio me thinks, but a nice example no less

  3. That flap "thingy" at the leading edge are referred to as Handley Page leading-edge slats and they are automatic and respond to angle of attack, thus the Helio is stall and spin-proof.