Saturday 20 September 2008

Canterbury Aero Club Visit Wigram.

The Canterbury Aero Club started here in 1928 and as part of their 80th celebrations, and with the pending closure of Wigram airfield, decided that it would be nice to return to Wigram for the final time.
The three views show the aircraft line up outside the Air Force Museum at various stages of the morning. I logged 31 Canterbury Aero Club aircraft at Wigram this morning along with a TV3 crew interviewing their CFI Jay Peters.


  1. Small heads up. Microlight club is having a last-chance-trip to Wigram on Sunday, weather permitting. Leaving Rangiora around 10am, so if you were not otherwise doing anything could be worth taking your camera to Wigram (you could ring the Rangiora club on 03 313 3592 on the day to check go/no-go).

  2. Are you saying that I have a small head ? !
    Thanks for the advise. Weekend looks busy but will maintain a listening and visual watch on NZWG traffic.