Wednesday 10 September 2008

Gone - As in exported. ZK-WTW

Continuing its travels is the Solo Wings Windlass Standard Trike ZK-WTW , c/n WL-150.
Top pic at Rangiora on 23-09-07. Bottom view also at RT but on 21-10-07.
This Trike was imported from South Africa where it had been registered as ZS-WGW since 17-08-1989 to a N C Dowsett. An ownership change on 21-08-98 saw it with David P Sutherland of Hillcrest.
David imported the aircraft into NZ and registered it as ZK-WTW on 12-06-02 only to on sell it to Ralph Allen of Dunedin from 08-11-2002. Its next officially listed move was to Ray Corbett at Rangiora on 12-12-2005 and then to Francis Huchette on 06-10-2007. Francis has packed it up and moved it offshore from 02-09-2008. I assume by his new address that its destination is France.

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