Saturday 6 September 2008

New In The North

It could only come from Japan! AS350 B3 ZK-HLS (c/n 3457) was assembled in Hamilton in late July and is currently a stock machine with Rotor Flite in Auckland.

Noted at North Shore on 2 September was new entrant Cirrus SR22 ZK-WIJ (ex N703CD). Pity about the cover!

The first fine day in Whangarei in months, and the locals were delerious. Out on the pad was HeliNorth's most recent addition, R44 II ZK-HFF (c/n 11987), delivered last Christmas but now looking a bit different to when it last featured here.

Down the road, the Northland Emergency Services Trust's second Sikorsky S-76A ZK-IAL (c/n 760133) was looking decidely like a blank canvas awaiting new sponsors logos!

And finally, Quantum Learning NZ's latest addition at Whangarei, PA-38-112 ZK-LFZ (c/n 38-79A1140) is now up and running. Sister ship, ZK-MBZ (c/n 38-81A0062), imported at the same time, is still being prepared and is probably two months away from taking to the air.

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  1. ZK-WIJ, as N703CD being an early airframe , c/n 0004 , was used by the media as a flight test machine. Check out