Tuesday 9 September 2008

Change of marks again. ZK-HCD.

Hughes 369E "500E" c/n 0021E began life as N843LA in about May of 1984 and was used by the organiser of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games under the ownership of W Bilson of Marina Del Ray, California. It was imported in to NZ via Motor Holdings at Dunedin and became ZK-HYO on 31-08-1987 before moving to its new owner, Tony Nightingale (read Resene Paints) of Wellington. (replacing 369D ZK-HYT1).These two pics show it at Garden City Helicopter base Christchurch on 03-09-1987 on delivery.
Note the floatation gear on the skids.
Pic below shows it, minus floatation gear in the old CAA hangar at Wellington on 21-04-89.

In May 1983 it went to Rick Lucas Helicopters and Tony replaced it with the AS350 ZK-HYT2.
HYO was briefly cancelled from the NZ register late June and early July 1994; re-appearing for a couple of weeks listed to Barry Payne Associates Ltd. It was cancelled as exported on 29-07-94 and became F-OHJH in Tahiti in November of 94.
It returned to NZ and became ZK-IDP on 27-02-1997 with DGS Mambretti of Pleasant Point, Sth Canterbury.
Pic below shows it as ZK-IDP at Timaru on 23-03-97.
On 20-05-98 it was relisted to Archive Security Ltd, Wellington. A Company name change was applied on 10-12-2004 to Heriot Properties Holdings Ltd at Waikanae.
Heli CD Contractors Ltd of Christchurch show on the ownership list from 08-02-08.
Pic below shows it at the Heli Centre Christchurch as ZK-ILO on 24-04-08.
On 27-08-08 it became ZK-HCD3 , still with Heli CD Contractors.
Pic below taken this dull CHCH day.

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