Tuesday 19 August 2008

Another NOTAR

MD 500n NOTAR G-NEEN captured at Heli-Maintenance Christchurch yesterday.

It was removed from its container at Skysales on late Monday afternoon, re-assembled, the fire lit and delivered across two fences to Heli-Maint.

I caught it just as the heat gun was doing its thing on the old Pommie registration of G-NEEN.

At one brief stage it showed the registration as "EEN". Now could this be confusing for some budding aviation enthusiast who inherits my photo collection in due course (not for a few more years yet I hope). This brings me back to my blog on EYF about keeping good records.

C/n LN-018 popped out from MD as N16061 in 1992 and spent some time at the Grand Canyon with AirStar Helicopters before returning to MD to become N520MB about September 2000. It then appeared on the UK register as G-NOTR from 26-02-2001 followed by a change to G-NEEN on 17-11-2005, much of this time with Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Shoreham.

It is now listed as ZK-HBC/4 for Mount Hutt Helicopters, using Blair Chapman's initial as the last two letters.

The fastest (heat) gun in the south - waiting for no photographer.
Thanks to Heli-Maintenance for pic opportunity.

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