Wednesday 13 August 2008

AV8 passes through

Hughes 369HS ZK-HBY/3 passed through Rangiora this day, departing to the west.
Interesting history for this helicopter. Its c/n of 71-0330S tells me that it is a July 1971 production machine that popped up on the Indonesian register as PK-PHS in March of 1972 before becoming PK-AVK in December of 1987. It was sold via the US where it was briefly listed as N2188J during June 1994 with Autorotate Inc of Austin Texas until Oceania Helicopters NZ Ltd registered it as ZK-HMJ/2 on 11-07-1994. It served with Mares Yachts; Jonbar Ltd; Mares Yachts (again); M L Jones (Jonbar again) and the Dunn Family Trust #3.
It was re-registered as ZK-HJD/3 on 05-08-1999 (last two letters being initials of J P Dunn).
It then appeared with Alan Speight of Pukekohe on 06-03-02 and was re-registered as ZK-HBY/3 on the 20th. It then moved to Rangitikei Helicopters Ltd before being picked up by AV8.

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