Tuesday 12 August 2008

Question time #16 Resolved

ANSWER : Druine D31 Turbulent ZK-CFX in its current scheme.
This was originally c/n 1009 with Aerocraft (NZ) Ltd and was first registered along with at least three others (ZK-CFW, ZK-CFY and ZK-CFZ) on 20-07-1966. Construction was started by Sid Jensen but not completed and all four were cancelled on 11-08-1977. CFX was completed and registered to D W Phillips & D A Provan (The two Dave's) of Bulls on 28-05-1980. Ownership went soley to Dave Provan from 02-07-1981 and it became known as the Group Captain's aircraft whilst it (and he) was based at Wigram.
ZK-CFY was completed in 1977 (and is still current) but the other two never made it.
Well done Barry Hudson (Anonymous).

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