Monday 18 August 2008

Some recent listed owner/operator changes.

Beech B200 Super King Air ZK-MAN , c/n BB-1366 , was relisted from Talley's Group to Tasman Helicopters Above & Beyond on 02-05-2008. The "Operated by Tasman Helicopters above & beyond" script is on the fin.
Pics taken at nelson on 19-05-2008
Air Chathams have acquired two aircraft from Great Barrier Airlines.
The Brazilian built Embraer EMB-820C Navajo Chieftain ZK-RDT , c/n 82017 , reached Auckland on 27-03-1994 and served with Great Barrier until mid 1998, then with Air National until returning to Great Barrier in November 2001.
The Romanian built IRMA Britten-Norman BN2A-27 Islander ZK-LYP , c/n 821 , (built in 1977) was shipped into NZ in November 2004 for registration on 15-09-2005 to Great Barrier. It flew from Auckland to Tonga on 13-05-2008.
Both ZK-LYP & ZK-RDT photographed at North Shore on 09-03-2008.


  1. ZK-RDT has been undergoing an engine change at Ardmore but was noted after a long absence back at Auckland a short time ago. However, it was back at Ardmore a few days ago!

  2. The KingAir was always going to be operated by Tasman Helicopters on behalf of Talleys. When not required for corporate purposes, it will be on tourist work etc with Tasman.