Sunday 11 December 2011

The Thatcher CX4 ZK-TCX

A couple of views of the Allan Jones thatcher CX4 ZK-TCX (c/n 178) as seen at Masterton on 10-12-2011 by Geoff Lloyd.
Below is an extract from the NZ Aviation News Magazine of November 2010.
"The Thatcher CX4 is a new name to us. It is an all metal, large single seat cockpit, low wing monoplane taildragger, the prototype of which first flew in 2004. Designed by David Thatcher, a graduate from the old Embry-Riddle School of Aeronautics, who has been active in general aviation for over fifty years. Designed and built in his retirement it utilised a VW engine and has a detachable wings for trailer transport of 7.8m span. At first glance, from a distance, it is not unlike a single seat Piel Emeraude. ZK-TCX (Thatcher CX) is the first of its type in NZ and has been constructed by Allan Jones of Levin. It was all ready to fly on December 6th but a cracked propeller was discovered. So it will now be March before first flight. Max Saunders will probably test fly it from Foxpine (actually it was test flown at Masterton on 13-04-2011 by Doug Yarrall) after which it will be taken to Masterton to fly off its test time under the guidance of Doug Yarrell. Allan chose the Thatcher after a suggestion from the late John Lester to build in aluminium rather than wood or composite. Built as per the Dave Thatcher plans, it is Allan’s first aircraft. Materials and engine parts were sourced from the US as required with the whole job relatively easy because of very good instructions and guidance from the various websites of other builders. The 1915cc VW engine was built up by Allan per Great Plains specs with great advice from Steve Bennet. Allan resumed flying again last year at the Wairarapa & Ruahine Aero Club under Doug Yarrell and he now has his advanced local microlight licence. It has basic flight and a full range of engine instruments."

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