Saturday 3 December 2011

Pitts S 2 Specials of New Zealand - Imported Aircraft (3)

FPP - The Final Pitts Post (nothing to do with First Past the Post!). 2 more Pitts S2's were imported in the late noughties and last year.

Thanks to flyernzl and Blue Bus for the photos.

ZK-PFA (c/n 3005) is a factory built S 2S model and was first registered in 1982 as JY-RJL with the Royal Jordanian Air Force! On 11/3/93 it was registered in Australia as VH-PIG. It was imported into New Zealand by The Cambridge Flying Machine Co Ltd (Noel Kruze) and first registered on 20/11/08. Flyernzl took this rather nice photo of ZK-PFA at an airshow at Matamata in March 2010.

And finally (for now) ZK-UFX (c/n 2140) is the twenty-second Pitts Special to be registered in New Zealand. It is a 1978 S 2A model built by Aerotek and it is ex N80P. It was imported into New Zealand by Tasman Bay Aviation Ltd (Vince DÁth) and was first registered on 23/11/10. It is currently flying from Motueka operating tourist flights. Thanks to Blue Bus for the photo which was taken at Nelson on 18/2/11.
I am sure that New Zealand's Pitts Special numbers will not stop at 22. There are several Pitts Special projects being worked on out there - if anyone has any information to share please post it.
Of course there is also John Eaton's magnificent Pitts Model 12 ZK-PTS which has been the subject of several posts on this blog.

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