Monday 26 December 2011

Down South with Henry M. # 2

A long lens view of three Squirrels, AS350 BA ZK-HGO2 (c/n 2182), AS350 BA ZK-HJP3 (c/n 2322) and AS350 B2 ZK-HYS3 (c/n 2447) of Heli-Works Queenstown Helicopters Ltd.
 Across the other side of the old grass vector were the Twin Squirrel AS355F1 ZK-IAV (c/n 5041), The AS350 BA ZK-HKR (c/n 1234) and the  AS355 F1 ZK-HMB2 (c/n 5016) of The Helicopter Line.
Below is a better shot of ZK-HMB2.
 Below is the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-HQN2 (c/n 1807) of Heli Tours Ltd.
All four shots taken at Queenstown on 22 and 23-12-2011.

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