Monday 19 December 2011

Rangitata Island Christmas fly in #2

Another of the first generation microlights on site is this Goldwing ZK-FDE (c/n MAANZ/126). This one spent all its years up North. Firstly with Ian Todd at Rotorua followed by five owners in the far North. Neil France of Taupo had it from January of 2003 until Russell acquired it in 2005 for his growing collection.
A third generation microlight from Temuka is the John Brown Rans S-7 Courier ZK-JRB2 (c/n 0904377).
Above is the Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-LPB (c/n NZ20013). This was originally ZK-LPS with Ross Stratford at Nelson but he re-registered it as ZK-LPB on 09-12-2008 so that he could use LPS on his new Alpi 300. Graham Smith  of Timaru appears on the paper work from 02-04-2009.
The Just Highlander ZK-MLT (c/n JA212) with its Rotax 914 turbo engine and its 29 inch wheels dropped in.

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